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artist resume


2001 MFA, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota
1989 Chinese Painting Studies, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, People's Republic of China
1972 B.S. Degree in Art, Minnesota State University, Mankato, Minnesota

selected solo exhibitions

2018 Tracking Miracles
2017 Quiet, Stillwater Public Library, Stillwater, Minnesota
2013-2017 The Hostile Neighbor Project
2012 Seven and One Half, Rochester Art Center, Rochester, Minnesota
2012 An Aerial Perspective, Phipps Center for the Arts, Hudson, Wisconsin
2011 Feed the Poet, Berlin, Germany
2011 Finial Project, New York City, New York
2010 Stillwater Library Noise Mitigation Project, Stillwater, Minnesota
2010 Ein Sicherer Platz, Regionalmuseum, Burg Beeskow, Germany
2010 CO2 in My Backyard, Brandenburg, Germany
2007-17 Public Imperative Project, Sacramento, California; Weimar, Germany; Thunder Bay,Canada; Bali, Indonesia; Rome, Italy; Ankara, Turkey; Cairo, Egypt; New York City,New York; Dar es salaam, Tanzania; Berlin, Germany; Chambery, France; Beijing,China; Stubice, Poland; Budapest, Hungary; New Orleans, Louisiana; Rosebud,Montana; Sugar City, Idaho; Portage, Utah; Mazatlan, Mexico
2008 Silver Islet Project, Ontario, Canada
2008 Highway 280 Sound Wall Project, St. Paul, Minnesota
2007 The Wall Project, Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich, Prague
2006-07 Eminent Domain Project, Minnesota, Iowa
2006-07 The Marina Triangle Project, White Bear Lake, Minnesota
2006 On the Edge, Nicollet Island, Minneapolis, Minnesota
2006 Borders, Gage Gallery, Augsburg College, Minneapolis, Minnesota
2005 Staking Claim, Lauderdale Community Park, Lauderdale, Minnesota
2004 Boundaries, Inside/Outside Arts Project at Intermedia Arts Jerome Foundation Commission, Minneapolis, Minnesota
2004 Vulture Border, Lauderdale, Minnesota
2003 The Park Project, installation, Lauderdale, Minnesota
2003 The City Hall Project, installation, Lauderdale, Minnesota

selected group exhibitions

2017 Resist: The Art of Disruption, Conrad Wilde Gallery, Tucson, Arizona
2017 Shifting, ArtReach, Stillwater, Minnesota
2012 Art Wiki digital venue of the 7th Berlin Biennale
2011 Nuit Blanche, Hennepin Island, Minneapolis, Minnesota
2009 Jerome Fellowship Exhibition, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Minneapolis, Minnesota
2007 Minnesota Biennial 3D II, Minnesota Museum of Art, St. Paul, Minnesota
2006 Family Farms, Northfield Artist Guild, Northfield, Minnesota
2005 Dim Sum, national touring show with Red 76
2004 Art of Democracy: Tools of Persuasion, Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis, Minnesota
2004 Farm Families: A Tribute, Banfill Locke Center for the Arts, Fridley, Minnesota
2004 Family Farms: A Tribute, St. Mary’s University, Winona, Minnesota
2002 Five Painters, Century College, White Bear Lake, Minnesota
2002 The Sleepwalkers Project, Barbara Barker Center for Dance, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota


2012 Artists Initiative Grant Minnesota State Arts Board
2010 McKnight Fellowship Finalist
2008-09 MCAD/Jerome Foundation Fellowship for Emerging Artists
2006 Forecast Public Artworks Jerome Foundation Project grant
2005 Forecast Public Artworks Research and Development grant
2004 Art Inside/Outside project, Jerome Foundation grant Intermedia Arts, Minneapolis, Minnesota
2002 Recipient of a teaching grant from the Metropolitan Arts Council Roseville, Minnesota


2012 Artist Talk, Rochester Art Center, Rochester, Minnesota
2009 Jerome Emerging Artist panel, Minneapolis College of Art and Design
2007 Slide-O-Rama, Minnesota Museum of American Art, St. Paul, Minnesota
2006 Women and Art and Community, Minneapolis College of Art and Design
2006 Forecast Public Artworks Grant Workshop, St. Paul, Minnesota
2006 Art and Politics Round Table, Augsburg College, Minneapolis, Minnesota
2004 Two Public and Private Land workshops, Intermedia Arts, Minneapolis, Minnesota
2003 Artists as Environmental Gardeners Round Table, Falcon Heights, Minnesota


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“Fresh and imaginative installations, including…architectural models of oddball solutions for aboundary dispute in suburban Lauderdale. In beautifully crafted scale models, Claussen illustratesa variety of hilarious solutions to the imbroglio...In a charming example of democracy-as-art, visitorsmay sketch their own ideas and vote on solutions.”

~Mary Abbe, art critic for the Star Tribune

“Barbara Claussen’s practice focuses on points of discord and dispute often centered on theconvergence of public and private space. This “space”, understood as simultaneously physical andtheoretical, is inherently rife with contradiction and ambiguity.”

~Kris Douglas, Chief Curator of the Rochester Art Center

“What sets her work apart from other community-minded collaborations is a characteristic whiff ofsubtle irreverence, a trickster-like understated humor that means no hurtful disrespect but offers anothermeans of diffusing a charged situation.”

~Christina Schmid, assistant professor College of the Visual Arts

“If you’re interested in the art of politics, don’t miss Barbara Claussen’s MFA exhibit, 7 1/2 feet, at the Katherine Nash Gallery in Willey Hall. The piece is a clever and entertaining look at a disputeover 7 1/2 feet of land claimed by both the city of Lauderdale and private citizens. The piece is both funand a little unsettling, while offering a sardonic look at the squabbles of personal and institutional politics.”

~Steve Sandell, from The Humphrey Forum’s World of ArtThe Humphrey Institute University of Minnesota